About this site

GetHexColor.com provides simple and easy to use tools, that are generating hex color codes.

At GetHexColor.com, you can use the hex color generator to find all hex and RGBA colors that you'd like, and copy your favorite ones, so you can use them on your website.

Did you know that there are 16,777,216 hex colors that you can use? And all of them can be found on this website.

Get Hex Color provide free and useful color tools such as a random color generator, a color palettes generator, and much more.

Simply follow the instructions to generate a color code or a color palette, then copy and paste your favorite colors to your CSS stylesheet.

The color codes can be used in a style.css file, in order to color HTML elements, such as text, a link, or the background of an element on a webpage.

For example, using style="color:#FF00FF" inside the 'a' tag, will color the link in fuchsia.

The code should look like this:

<a style="color:#FF00FF" href="/">gethexcolor.com</a>

And the result will look like this:


Feel free to use this site anytime, read our blog, and generate some hex or RGB code colors.

Check out this cool hex color GIF here.

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Enjoy the website!